This page contains information to assist purchasers and their builders to better plan the design of prospective homes. Please note that the documentation is provided for information only, and that purchasers and their builders are advised to confirm the information is suitable for use.

Driveway Crossover Requirements

Purchasers will be required to construct the driveway crossover in accordance with the requirements of the City of Palmerston. As part of the development process, Territory Life is required to make a payment to the City of Palmerston in relation to driveway crossovers, which will be repaid to Territory Life upon completion of the driveway crossovers by the purchasers (or their builders).

Verge and Street Infrastructure Protection

In order to protect your investment within Mitchell Creek Green and minimise unnecessary damage to street infrastructure throughout the home building phase, purchasers will be required to pay a Verge Protection Bond at settlement. Should any damage be caused to verge, footpath or road areas at the front of the property, development fencing or other subdivision infrastructure during the construction of homes on the lots, this will be required to be rectified by the purchaser. Should the damage not be rectified by the purchaser, the cost for Territory Life to rectify damage will be deducted from the Verge Protection Bond.

Purchasers should discuss this requirement with their home builder and emphasise to them the importance of preventing damage or taking steps to repair damage if it occurs. Mitchell Creek Green is your neighbourhood and your community. Your support in keeping it a pristine environment by managing your home builder is appreciated.

NBN Telecommunications

At no additional cost to you, Territory Life is constructing and installing a pit and pipe system for a telecommunications platform in Mitchell Creek Green and has entered into an agreement with NBN Co. for the provision of physical infrastructure of a high speed broadband fibre optic network to be installed by or on behalf of NBN Co. An in-home wiring guide has been prepared by NBN Co (available on NBN Co’s website) to assist purchasers to comply with NBN Co’s requirements. It is recommended that purchasers discuss this requirement with their home builder.

Erosion and Sediment Control

The need to control soil erosion and resulting sediment pollution has been recognised as a key aspect of improving the urban environment throughout the home building phase. Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) measures on residential building sites will assist in compliance with Council by-laws and Northern Territory legislation. ESC measures can contribute to improved building productivity and will also improve the aesthetics of your investment and your neighbourhood, reduce verge repair/clean-up costs, public liability and extend site accessibility in wet conditions.

Fact Sheet – Developing an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for a Residential Building Site

Fact Sheet – Erosion and Sediment Control for Residential Building Sites