The Creek Vision

The Creek Vision

Mitchell Creek is a natural freshwater creek running along the western boundary of Mitchell Creek Green. The creek forms part of the Mitchell Creek catchment and drainage system and is integral to preserving the local environment and natural open space for the enrichment of community life.

Within the catchment there are many exquisite natural sites to picnic at, many tracks to explore via cycling or walking, and many wonderful bends in the creek to while away an afternoon.

Territory Life has been working with local land care groups throughout the design and construction of Mitchell Creek Green to minimise the impact on the local environment, and specifically the creek.

The subdivision strongly advocates for the protection of the Mitchell Creek catchment areas and features the creek as a valuable natural resource and open space amenity for the residents of Mitchell Creek Green.

Green links and buffers are located throughout Mitchell Creek Green and serve both passive and active recreation functions to serve the needs of residents, respond to site characteristics and improve the general amenity of the suburb.